Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend Update

Well, yesterday was my weigh-in day. Down another 2.5 pounds for a total of 11.5 lbs in 4 weeks. Now I have 27.5 to go. That sounds like a lot, but if I keep going at this rate, I'll get there.

It's been a mixed bag. After 4 weeks of WW, I'm definitely starting to see what reasonable portions look like. I'm also actually thinking about the food I eat. Example: Valentine's chocolate (those amazing chocolates with stuff in the center) have 4 points in 2 pieces. I used to eat 4 pieces of chocolate without even thinking. Now I stop myself and think about whether I want to use up 4 points of my daily 24 allotment on 2 little pieces of chocolate. Yesterday that answer was yes. I had those 2 pieces of chocolate and they were amazing. Instead of shoving them into my mouth all in one bite and barely even tasting them, I ate them slowly because I wanted to savor what those 4 points tasted like.

On the other hand, after 4 weeks, I'm getting a little tired of having to plan every bite I take. I miss being able to go out to dinner with Dan and just ordering whatever I wanted. Granted, that's what got me 40 pounds above where I should be, but I miss it. Now if we want to go out to eat, I have to save the bulk of my points for that meal and not eat much for the rest of the day. I also have to plan and look up the restaurant's nutrition information on their website. This is annoying because I'm now finding out how bad all my favorite dishes are for me! It's also annoying because the average "cost" of a restaurant meal is in the neighborhood of 20 points.

But, I plan to hang in there until I get to my goal weight. If I continue to lose at this rate, I'll be there by June. Just in time to wear all those cute summer clothes. And then, I'll be able to buy a bathing suit without crying in the fitting room.

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Lynette said...

Oh man...crying in the dressing room, been there, done that! Keep up the good work! You and Meredith should be styling by the time Matt's wedding comes around! Hope to see you then! Lynette