Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random Thoughts Wednesday

So I just remembered that my sheets are in the washer still. Now I have to wait for them to dry before I can go to bed. Why don't I just put a different pair of sheets on the bed, you ask? Because when Dan and I got married, we had two sets of sheets: one gorgeous set that we got as a wedding gift and one slightly-less-nice set that we bought ourselves. Well, Dan left our gorgeous wedding gift sheets in the washer for a week where they proceeded to grow a particularly resistant strain of mildew. Even my mom couldn't fix them, so into the trash they went. (Dan will say that I left them in the washer but that is not true. Don't listen to him if he ever tries to tell you the story his way.) So now we have one set. I wash them and then put them back on our bed regularly, so I normally don't care about our lack of sheets. But this is one time where I do care. I should probably go buy another set so this doesn't happen again.

Anyway, here I sit, bored with what's on TV and with a bunch of random thoughts bouncing around in my head. So I figured I'd start Random Thoughts Wednesday, where I share with my adoring public my random thoughts that are too short to make a full blog post out of. And since I simply adore comments on my blog, I'll open it up to my readers to post their random thoughts in the comments section. Everyone needs an opportunity to share their random thoughts!

- Why are popsicles so delicious? I'm convinced that Kroger puts some sort of addictive substance into their IcePix popsicles. I could subsist for at least an entire weekend on IcePix popsicles alone and I'd love it.

- I have a few weddings to go to this summer and I want to get a hot dress for them because I plan on being at my goal weight with some hot, toned arms to compliment my skinny bod. I am willing to spend a little because it's something of an investment piece, but I have no idea where to look. Victoria's Secret has this awesome dress that is like 7 dresses in one. It's pricey, but I really like it. I'd probably get either black or purple. What do you think?

- Dan and I decided to do a version of The Total Money Makeover starting in March and I'm excited. We want to get our debt paid off in 4 years (minus our mortgage). I think it's really awesome that this is actually something that is attainable for us, and I'm glad neither of us ever got into the pit of credit card debt. Student loans are plenty, thank you very much. And note to our friends: we won't be fun for the next four years because we won't have any money to do anything since we're doing the debt snowball. But after four years, we will be SUPER fun because we'll have like half our income freed up. So hang in there with us and we'll be fun again soon.

This concludes Random Thoughts Wednesday. Not as exciting as I thought it would be, but maybe they will get more interesting! Now you can share your random thoughts with me!


michael. you know which one... your cousin. said...

The dress is cute, I just wish it didn't have the neck piece. It would be so much more streamlined without it. And I'm not fun either. It's okay kitten.

Jessie said...

I like the dress!! But keep your eyes out for a sale.. i know you can do it!!

Random thought - Why is it that reality TV shows are so addicting? I have a millions things to do when I get home at night, but instead I get sucked into programs like '16 and pregnant' and 'Half Ton Teen' and end up getting nothing done. I guess sucked doesnt even do it justice - I become engrossed. Yelling at the TV, pondering out loud how someone could be like this, laughing and crying with the characters, swearing that I would NEVER act like that. Thank God I have roommates who also share my addiction, because otherwise I would feel even more silly as I barade the TV.

allison said...

dress looks nice,but catalog shopping isnt always as it appears. its best to try everything on in person before you make your decision..just like how it hangs on the hanger isnt the same as it could hang on you. some nice stuff will be hitting the stores because of easter and spring early summer. hold out. plus VS clothes are super expensive and tend to run REALLY small...even on natalie probably ;)

Brigid said...

So that dress is one of my bridesmaid dresses for one of the weddings i'm in this summer. It's pretty nice as long as you don't mind tying it every time you want to wear it.

random thought today - i daydreamed that an old man i met at the airport paid off my student loans for me. THe end.