Thursday, April 15, 2010

The post that sets the record for the usage of the word "suck" and its derivatives

Whenever I use Listerine, I always think about how much it sucks.  If there are any wounds in my mouth (which there usually are because I somehow always manage to bite my lip while I'm eating something delicious, therefore decreasing the over-all enjoyment of the delicious something), the Listerine exacerbates the pain by a margin of 20.  And since I use Listerine only when it's time for me to go to the dentist or when D goes to the dentist and inspires me by association, my mouth is generally not used to the pain inflicted by this good-for-you habit.  But after it's over, my mouth feels awesome - invigorated, clean and minty-fresh. 

Since D was recently at the dentist, I recently re-started my use of Listerine.  My general M.O. is to vow to use it forever but last maybe a week if I'm lucky.  So the other night while I was enduring this unpleasant bedtime routine, I got to thinking about how much some things suck while you're doing them but how good they feel after.  And I started to mentally compile a list of the many things of this nature.  So of course, I decided to share them with you.  Because pretty much everything that enters my mind is subject to the question, "Is this thought substantial enough to warrant a blog post?"  And the answer to this one was yes.

Exercising - Level of suck (1 being a spa day and 10 being dear God I can't believe I survived): 4-8, depending on your fitness level and the time of the month.  I am proud to say that the level of suck has been slowly decreasing for me wit this particular activity.  But in the interest of total disclosure, it's not like I'm doing the Insanity workout or anything.  Because if I were, I'm pretty sure the suckitude would increase exponentially.    

Work - Level of suck: 5-10.  Sometimes the only thing that gets you through the total despair of knowing that you're nowhere near retirement age or ability is the paycheck.  And sometimes the paycheck is what causes your despair.  (And if you generally enjoy your job, well....color you lucky.) 

Child Birth - Level of suck: 762.  Labor is one of the most difficult experiences I can imagine.  The only reason women keep doing it year after year, generation after generation is the pay-off.  This sucky thing by far has the highest return on investment.  But that doesn't take away the suckiness of the process.  

Fiscal Responsibility - Level of suck: I'll let you know.  D and I have officially started Financial Peace University and I'm pretty sure it's going to be the awesomest sucky experience ever.  We will be greatly rewarded in that we will learn how to manage our finances better and pass down good money habits to our kids, but I'm thinking that it's going to be a very painful process.

Cleaning - Level of suck: Tough to say, but it must be pretty high considering I never do it.  I don't know why I hate cleaning so much.  I certainly love things to be clean.  What is it about cleaning that is just repulsive, anyway?  Who even knows.  One of life's great mysteries.  Right up there with why some people are so lacking in the smarts department:

So those are just a few things that suck while you're doing them but yield good results.  I'm sure I'll think of more.  In the meantime, does anyone have any of their own?         


Shayna Mills said...

Yep lots of things suck that are so worth it though. Good post! thanks for sharing. Oh and one thing my dentist has shared with me is not to make the mouth wash an every day habit, or get a special kind because most of them kill the bad bacteria in your mouth but it also kills the good bacteria, food for thought for ya.

Catherine said...

I would have to put picking up the dog poo on that list for sure!

magicjess said...

confession haha

jackie said...

Level of suck for work is definitely a 10 or more. I so wish I could just be a SAHM. Cleaning is another one that is up there. Like you, I hate cleaning, but love when everything is clean and organized.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jessie said...


Carol C. said...

Top of the "suckiest" list for me - waking up late for work on a day that you know is already going to be stressful, and then having to rush around to get to a "look my best with the time I've got" look. This fear is why I always set the alarm, even if I think I'll wake up at my normal time anyway!