Friday, July 9, 2010

Looks like we made it

If you're new here, thanks for reading! You can find out why we're renting our house out by starting with this post and working your way back up. So glad to have you here!

It's as official as you can get without actually being official: we've rented our house. Finally, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We've made it through showing after showing after showing, offer after offer after offer.

Last night, our realtor came by to present the offers to us. There were four that made the cut, though some of them just barely. And let me tell you, I'm shocked at how much information we had about each of the people/families who put in an offer. And now we know about every last red cent that they have or owe to someone, where they work, what their pets' names are, what flavor ice cream they prefer and if they're Team Jake or Team Vienna.

Since our realtor had been keeping in contact with us about the offers we were receiving, D and I had already discussed who we liked and who we didn't.

Like: The family with two kids and one on the way who wrote a cute cover letter (including a family photo) and informed us that they understood how hard it must be to have someone else living in our home and that they would treat it better than their own. Also liked that they claim to be neat-freaks.

Dislike: The couple who has filed for bankruptcy twice in recent history and, upon filing the second time, immediately went out and purchased a $50,000 car and have since missed 9 payments on it. Even though they net more money monthly than D and I do. Also dislike the pain-in-the-butt couple with good credit and a good monthly income who have already informed our realtor that they want an inspection by the city, as well as an outside, independent inspection on our dime. Yeah, no thanks. If you're going to be this much of a pain before we've even met or spoken to you, there's no way I want to see what kind of ruckus you'll be causing when you're living in our house.

So, we chose the adorable family with the adorable family photo. Chances are, if they really are neat-freaks, our house will be cleaner with them in it than when we lived there, so that's a plus. Also, I'm excited that they have a new baby coming in August. And, I truly feel like we're helping a couple who is just down on their luck a bit and are trying to make a good life for them and their kids.

We're meeting them tomorrow at the closing and I'm super stoked. I'm already having visions of me and the wife bonding and becoming best friends, though I'm fairly certain that won't happen. Because if I were her, I'd be a little suspicious of my landlord always coming over with cookies and stuff, trying to talk to me all the time. Suspicious or annoyed.

No matter what happens, though, I truly am feeling at peace with this. Everything seems to be falling into place without much struggle or uproar, which further reinforces the knowledge that D and I are doing the right thing.

So we'll see how things go. If I do happen to become BFF with the wife, all the better. If not, I'm sure being a landlord will at least make for some interesting blog posts.

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Maggie said...

she just better not take my place!! congrats kate!