Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A grown-up dilemma

As if there are any other types of dilemmas these days.  Don't know why I'd expect an easier dilemma since I'm now a grown-up, but a girl can dream.  

I'm very blessed that my job pays very well - way above average for the position I currently hold.  I also have unbelievably good benefits that I don't pay a dime for.  I promise I'm not trying to brag.  The pay and benefits are actually like the nails in my coffin.  I don't like my job.  It rarely challenges me, and it's not even on the same planet as the field in which I hold my degree.  But I stay because a) the economy sucks, and b) I can't in good conscience voluntarily leave this job that anchors my family to security and well-being.      

However, my job has been at risk for a while now.  Not because I'm less than awesome, but because I work in a union and have a contract and all that, and my organization has been hit pretty hard by the economy.  I am low on the totem pole seniority-wise, but my contract language regarding lay-offs and bumping could manage to keep me safe in spite of it.  It's confusing and makes my head hurt, so I won't go into all the details.

Tonight, I happened upon a job with a non-profit that looks like it was tailor-made for me.  It is exactly the job I was hoping to land while I was working towards my degree.  Better yet, all it says is that the ideal candidate should have a degree and 6-12 months of experience.  

It is not as close geographically as my current job, which is a drawback, and it does require "occasional" nights and weekends (according to the ad), which is not always optimal for family life.  Also, there's a very solid chance that I'd be taking a substantial pay cut.  Plus, I'm pregnant.  And I was doing some research on the organization's website and one of their biggest annual events falls like 3 weeks after my due date.

Should I even apply for this job?  I feel like I should, because you never know until you try.  Plus, I don't have to take the job if it looks like it wouldn't work.  I don't know, it's always scary to try to imagine the unknown.  The cons always seem to be endless, since the pros are more difficult to imagine when you only know limited details about the position.  

And there's a part of me that wants to get laid off and just stay at home with L for a while, maybe until after the new baby is born, and then get back in the job hunting saddle.  

What do you think?  What would you do?           


al said...

It cant hurt to apply, or even interview. Just keep info close to the vest about baby and all. You only have a decision to make IF that all happens and they offer the job, then worry about it. Thats when the pros and cons matter and what Dan thinks. You said it tailor-made for you so why not try for it, FOR YOU. like i said, no need to over-analyze till necessary. (my thoughts)

Jessie said...

if you will always wonder 'what if', you will kick yourself. Applying and possibly interviewing is normal - go for it!

Anonymous said...

I would say yes, jump at it, but not without a few words of caution.

I work for a major well known non profit and no job is ever safe in the non profit world, esp, now when donations are down and costs are up.

two, Remember that in order to qualify for Family medical Leave after baby is born you have to work some where for a year. so if you get hired in you either cannot expect materinaty leave (ie you get like 2 wks off... maybe) or they can replace you while you are out. I have seen it happen.