Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lessons From Packing

I am learning lots from packing up the house.  (I am also learning that I like writing posts in list form because I don't have to utilize transitions as much and it saves me a lot of time and effort.  Rock on, lists.)

1.  Packing an entire box full of canned food is a bad idea.  One can: light.  Fifty cans: heavy.

2.  Spices are expensive, yet I have at least 4 half-used containers of parsley, 3 containers of cream of tartar, 3.5 containers of basil, 2 large containers of cumin (although I don't know anyone who would ever need so much cumin) and many others.  I should have saved myself the trouble and money and just bought the darn spice rack off my registry after the wedding.  It would have been a whole lot cheaper in the long haul.

3.  D is Captain Obvious.  Example:  I'm packing up all the kitchen cabinets, including food, so potential tenants can easily look in around the kitchen and get a feel for the space.  I figure it will be a tad bit more irritating for me to have to cook out of moving boxes, but at least it will be one less thing to do when we move out next weekend.  When D saw me doing this he said, "Make sure you don't tape those boxes up or we won't have anything to eat."  I mean, I guess I understand that one.  The guy loves him some parsley. 

4.  And yet, packing is much more fun and goes by way more quickly when Captain Obvious is in the other room, doing his part for the team, instead of at work (still doing his part for the team, but in a more removed sense).  I can't stop myself from constantly saying, "When our powers combine, we are Captain Planet!"  (Re-reading everything I just wrote, it would seem that I have an obsession with captains.)

5.  The more you pack, the less it feels like you accomplish, because you inevitably come across a bunch more crap that you had stashed in the back of some cabinet that you have to figure out what to do with.  Our house looks like a complete disaster area, even though I've been working my tail off for two weeks.  It's ridiculously discouraging.  

6.  I've realized that I'm in a tragic position: I'm going to lose everything on my DV-R.  And I sure don't have enough time to watch everything before we move.  I think tv means too much to me, because when I realized this, I actually felt a twinge of panic, then a surge of grief.  Maybe it's time for a hobby.  



Spice Rack said...

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Nicole Everitt said...

this post about sums up how i feel on a regular basis at this point. we move into our house in ten days (FINALLY, THANK GOD!) and i'm thinking about all the unpacking i'll have to do... and all the things i won't know what to do with... and you know what my favorite thing to do with things that i don't have a place for is? let them meet their fate in my trash can.