Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Quickie

So it has become my life's mission (or at least my month's mission) to get a stranger comment on my blog or, even better, a stranger follower. (Stranger as in someone I don't know, not someone who is strange. Being strange is not a requirement, just a bonus.)

I don't know why this matters so much to me. I mean, it doesn't matter to the point where I obsess over it and will crumble into despair if I never get there. But it would make me happy. You can ask Dan - he'll tell you how happy I get when I get a comment on my blog from someone I know. I get really excited. Like a kid who just heard they're moving Disney World into his back yard. But nothing over the top, of course.

I've been thinking about how to achieve this mini goal. A lot of well-established bloggers do giveaways to increase traffic to their blog. The nice thing with them is that they are so well-established that companies actually give them things to give away because they know that the blog gets enough traffic that their sales will increase enough to off-set the loss from giving the product away.

Yeah, not so with me. I'm a fledgling blogger. A little Nemo in the big ocean. So no one is going to give me free stuff to give away. But that's not really the point. I don't need a huge, huge following to make me happy. I just want people I don't know to read my blog. How else am I supposed to take over the world?

So here's how I'm thinking it would work. I would write a post about the giveaway (prize is yet to be determined) and give a few ways to enter. 1) Follow my blog, then leave a comment saying that you follow me. (one entry) 2) Leave a separate comment giving me a topic you would like to see me blog about. (one entry) 3) Get one of your friends whom I don't know to follow me, then have them comment on my blog telling me that you told them to follow me (i.e. George told me to follow you). (one entry for you, one entry for your friend)

Is it too crazy/desperate/silly that I am thinking of spending a small amount of my own money just to achieve the minute gratification of a stranger comment/follower? If you really think it's any of the aforementioned things, maybe you shouldn't say anything because at least this is a chance for you to get something for free. I promise it will be something that is not stupid. (As of right now, I'm thinking of a $10 e-gift certificate to Amazon. Small, I know, but the next time you want something from Amazon you can be like, "Hey I have that $10 certificate from Katie's awesome blog to put towards my purchase. Righteous!")

So think on that. Be on the look-out for a giveaway. And think of people you know who don't know me and would be willing to help you (and themselves!) out by following a stranger's blog that they might not even have any interest in.

Edited to add: The drawback of doing this giveaway is that I could get very low or nonexistent participation, which would be more embarrassing than letting people see my messy house. So consider that, as well.

Further Edited: Sorry Jessie, I know I told you I'd pick you on principle, but I'd better make my first giveaway a fair one. Maybe next time?


Jessie said...

1. I love this idea for unmentioned reasons.

2. Your title was very misleading.. or maybe I just have a dirty mind.

3. I can't believe you used the word 'Righteous'.. that actually made me giggle out loud.

Staci said...

I must admit that I have a dirty mind too. And I love the giveaway idea!

ktmontes said...

I am game. However, there are few people that I know that you do not. I think I could come up with something.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie! My name's Nikki and I work with Jessie! I think this is great, and you are a fabulous writer. Several of my best girlfriends have become mother's over the course of the past few years, so I have a complete new appreciation for motherhood. I give you a lot of credit in the midst of everything else in your life to make time to do this. Good luck with it! And congrats on the addition of your little boy, Lucas!

Gianna's Lily said...

Katie, I love reading your blog - and I would be happy to give you some Mary Kay products or a gift certificate to give away :).

My price: a visit with you :)